Why Continuity Programs Work for Casinos

For as long as I can remember, the continuity gifting strategy has been a successful marketing tool across many industries, from reward points on a membership card to a weekly toy placed in a child’s fast food meal combination. You can even look back to 1909 when the Honus Wagner baseball card was used by a tobacco company to entice the purchasing of their tobacco products. The successful use of continuity marketing can be traced throughout the decades.

Continuity marketing is used to reward and encourage desired behaviors, some might even argue that the entire gaming industry is built on this philosophy. So how does a continuity gifting promotion add value to this already, billion-dollar, juggernaut industry? For all the glitz, glamour, high hopes, and big money allure that a casino offers, unfortunately, many gamblers go home feeling slightly defeated. Large prize promotions like big money drawings and luxury car giveaways, draw in a good crowd, but out of the 3,000 or so that are drawn in, 99.9% leave empty-handed. And leaving empty-handed can leave a long, lingering bad taste in one’s mouth.

Continuity gifting promotions are not only designed to draw in those same large numbers, but they also allow each guest to go home with what they came for… that awesome promotional gift. Leaving the casino with an actual tangible gift item has monumental value. The feeling of being rewarded and appreciated will convert into customer loyalty. And the higher the perception of the value of that gift, the more appreciated the guest feels. 

Gander Group understands the importance of perceived value, not only in the sense of monetary but also in care. Our recognized brands, high-quality standards, and thoughtful gift selections make us the leader in offering the very highest of perceived value options. Our four-week continuity programs will not only drive incremental trips, but they will also do it with regularity. Generating recurring revenue on a weekly basis while increasing your customer loyalty base, is our focus and your end results.

At Gander Group our continuity gifting programs start with an explosion of anticipation and excitement for your guests. Whether you are doing a targeted, invite-only promotion or one that is casino-wide, we have the creative collateral to launch it with a bang. From professionally shot product and brand videos to full-color banner ups and postcard mailers, your redemption ratio will climb through the roof.

So why do continuity programs work for casinos? Because they are the best, singular promotion that everybody wins on. For the casinos, they drive “weekly” incremental trips, they generate “weekly” recurring revenue, and they increase your customer loyalty base. For the guests, they get rewarded for their loyalty with a desired, tangible gift to take home, and they leave the casino with a sense of achievement and appreciation. 

With Gander Group as your partner, your continuity gifting program will be the most rewarding promotion that your casino runs. For more information, please contact us at

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