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Flock Together, Flock Further

Typically an “About Us” page is filled with gobbledygook, industry jargon about how great we are, but you already know that from reading through our home page. So simply put, Gander Group is a marketing company that creates high-quality products for casino’s continuity and promotional programs. And sometimes, we veer onto other interesting paths like selling products into retail stores and managing our casino partner’s digital marketing strategies. And of course, we get together as a team in our office for guitar lessons and yoga classes on the regular. We don’t really like to toot our own horn, but honestly, we are pretty flocking awesome!

Gander is about family, and we have been family owned and operated since 2009 (that is 77 years in dog years!) Our goal is to make YOU a part of our family. Not in a “let’s argue about politics and religion over Thanksgiving dinner” type of way, but in a “we are here to help you with anything you need, day or night” type of way.

So reach out and say hello! We will both be glad you did…

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