The Perfect Gifting Program

What Creates the Perfect Gifting Program?

It’s no secret that customer retention costs less and is easier to achieve than acquisition of new customers. Here is one of many articles you can find showing that existing customers spend more and have a major impact on increased profits.

In order to achieve customer retention and increase loyalty, many companies employ a gifting strategy to reward customers and encourage repeat business. But how do you select that perfect gift to generate loyalty, drive purchasing, and increase revenue?

That is a challenge faced by many companies that employ gifting as part of their customer appreciation strategy. What can you give that is genuinely appreciated and reflects positively on your brand? As with most decisions, it is best to think of the desired end result first and work your way back to the nuts and bolts.

Choosing the Perfect Gift for your Customers

Everyone loves getting something for free. Sure, they’ll accept the gift, smile, say thank you – heck they might even wait in line for it. But will they actually use it? Will it become a part of their life? Will they think fondly of the person or company that gave them this gift? Will they keep it? Or will the fun fade moments after the gift is received?

Ultimately, the target result is to generate an emotional connection. And in order to do that, you must create a meaningful gift that is not only appreciated, but desired. First ask yourself these questions:

  • Who is my target audience?
  • What are their demographics?
  • Where do they live?
  • What activities might they enjoy?
  • What would be useful for them?
  • What season is it?

Being aware of the type of person you are targeting, their interests, their geography, etc. can help you decide on the perfect gift. If you are giving out an item that someone would be willing to pay for, then you’ve succeeded. If you give an item that is actually used with frequency, and cherished – then you’ve knocked it out of the park.

Useful, Unique and High-Quality Gifts are Best

First and foremost, you want to find a best-in-class gift. For example, kitchen items are popular because they can be used with regularity – yielding a frequent reminder of who gave them that item. Top-of- mind recollection is a great goal for a successful gifting program. To ensure frequent use, that cookware, utensil, or appliance should be high-quality and an actual benefit in the kitchen. You don’t want your recipient to break the item while using it or let it collect dust in the cabinets. If you can find an item with a brand name, then that’s even better. Ultimately, if your budget doesn’t allow you to purchase the best item in a category, then don’t get it, because a low-quality gift reflects negatively on the giver.

Re-gifting is a Good Thing

Also be aware that re-gifting is cool when it comes to promotional programs. If you provide a gift that is worthy of being re-gifted to your target’s friends or family, then that tells you all you need to know about how well that gift was received and appreciated. Ask yourself this when deciding on what gifts to give clients and prospects – would I give this gift to my friends and family? Would I be proud of this action? If not, if you would be embarrassed by the quality, if it isn’t something personal that your friends or family would thank you for and feel that you were thoughtful about selecting that gift, then don’t give it.

Be Proud of What you are Giving Out

Pride. That might be the word. Maybe you’ve purchased gifts for your marketing team or sales team to distribute, and they hand them out at events or sales calls – if you were the person handing that gift, would you feel pride in the thoughtfulness you are showing? Could you look that person in the eye and feel pride that your company decided to go the extra mile, not by just giving a “thing” to check the box of “we did a gift program,” but actually put some thought into who they were giving it to, and why they would appreciate it? If you are proud of this item and the way it reflects on your company, then you’ve probably selected the perfect gift.

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