Vistage Impact Award


Orange County, CA (September 12, 2018) 

Vistage, the world’s leading CEO peer-advisory organization, this week awarded its Impact Award on Gander Group CEO Josh Blake. The Vistage Impact Award recognizes remarkable development and achievements in CEOs with between one- and three-years’ tenure at Vistage. These leaders are insightful and invaluable in helping their peers expand their perspectives, refine their instincts and improve their judgments. There are approximately 400+ CEOs in the Orange County Vistage. 

Josh Blake is CEO of Gander Group, a company specializing in the development and manufacturing of consumer products. In the words of Vistage Chair, Anthony DiBiase, Josh held the mantle of leadership solely on his shoulders. Vistage helped him realize investing in a high-level team to help shoulder the weight of leadership, growth – without changing the culture Blake worked so hard to build – was possible. This knowledge gave Blake the confidence to expand his vision and become instrumental in the creation of partnerships with National Brands such as Hell’s Kitchenä and kathy ireland World Wideâ. 

Blake states that without Vistage, the unprecedented growth we are experiencing would not be possible. Having peers to bounce things off of is priceless. To learn to check your ego at the door, opens you up to growth and insight you previously could not access

About Gander Group

Gander Group is a strategic marketing and product development leader in the US, specializing in the gaming industry. With nearly a century of combined marketing and product development experience, Gander Group has partnered with hundreds of casinos across North America. Focused on maximizing redemption rates, ROI, profit margin, and customer retention, the Gander Team utilizes decades of expert know-how, data analytics, global logistics, obsessive quality control, extraordinary showcase-level creative. 

About Vistage Worldwide, Inc

Over our 60-year history, Vistage has solidified our reputation as the world’s most trusted executive coaching company. Our core formula of peer groups of executives from non-competing industries, backed by one-to-one coaching, has driven our members to outperform their competition through boom markets and recession. But we believe success has no finish line. 

The leadership challenges our members face today are complex and numerous: Their markets are global; their workforces are more diverse, and their competition is steep. While the Vistage formula proves year after year to be the most effective way for good leaders to make great decisions and achieve great results, we continuously refine and grow our platform to equip our members to surmount every new challenge and reach ever-higher levels of success. 

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