The Power of Brands

Most people have one. It gets you from point A to point B. Simply stated it is a – car. They are all designed to provide the same function: safe and efficient road transportation. It is not until you consider the make and model (brand) that you begin to form any perception of the vehicle’s quality, capability, or comfort. 

The same premise holds true with every selection a customer makes. A brand name, through service or product, establishes a level of trust and creates a lasting impression with a customer. Eventually these continued (hopefully) positive experiences translate into memories, creating an emotional connection and generating long-term brand loyalty from your customers.

These experiences can create a brand allegiance so strong that a customer will often decide solely on name alone without even knowing all the details of the product/service.  The loyalty to and strength of this brand relationship is created over time and built from a series of experiences:


Assurance: Brand acceptance is dramatically increased when products/services have consistently provided enjoyment, comfort, or satisfaction in their lives.


Differentiator: Promotion of key elements serve to make one product/service superior over another. When comparing brands, it is these distinctive elements which help establish preference and establishes a product as better, making it the preferred brand.


Image: Personal alignment with a brand’s values, or status, can be so appealing customers may never consider any other option in a selection. This is the ultimate in customer loyalty as the consumer respects the brand as an extension of themself.


Exclusivity: A revered brand or product only available through limited points of access – whether by location or special qualification hold a special allure with customers. When a brand is not readily available to everyone it often identifies as an elevated level of status or achievement for the customer.


Legacy: Often our brand loyalty is passed down from prior generations. Memories of relatives associated with specific products and brands can generate a nostalgia and deep emotional connection specifically drawing us to a product.


Worth: Whether based on customer awareness, celebrity endorsement or a better quality, branded products command increased levels of attraction and higher perceived values from customers.

An individual company’s brand loyalty can drive an entire industry, but industry superiority can be achieved when pairing two complimentary brands together – McDonald’s & Coke, Apple & Nike, or Seagram’s & 7 (lol) – just to name just a few. When two brands with strong customer loyalty team up, the synergy generated is incredible for both the customers, and the providers. A well-constructed brand partnership can generate many new benefits, including:


New Markets: The innovation of partnering two strong brands together attracts the attention of a wider audience. Co-branding partnerships like these expand the interested audience by engaging loyal customers from each brand in a new and exciting opportunity.


Fills a Gap: Incorporating a known brand name to provide a service not currently offer is, well – genius. The addition of a strong product brand supplements your current offerings, serves as an additional point of competitor differentiation, and increases brand worth within your customer base. Better is always…better.


Reinforces values: Pairing your brand with another of equally exceptional standards and credibility, further serves to pubicly reinforce and align your values. This partnership associates your efforts to the brand with the company’s promises and commitments made to both customers and employees.


Attracts the best: Both customers and employees are attracted to the most exciting opportunities. As energy, awareness and brand partnerships grow additional opportunities, new customers and collaborative ideas will flourish as well. The additional energy and opportunity will draw positive interest and additions to the business.

At Gander Group, we know strong brands speak to the emotion and desire of a customer. It is the familiarity with our exclusive, nationally recognized brand names which generate feelings of happiness, comfort, luxury and excitement within each customer. Each Gander Group brand and product line has been specifically developed and designed to appeal to your diverse casino guests. We offer the highest level of quality, name brands and gift selection at the best prices to meet your budget while ensuring the success of your casino’s gift giveaway campaigns. 

When partnering with brands which match your target audience and value proposition, the alliance automatically increases awareness of your brand, enhances the experience of your customers, and elevates the loyalty of your customer.

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Monica Scott
Senior VP of Loyalty Marketing
Gander Group

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