Power of a Plan

The Power of a Plan

The annual budget process encourages casino marketers to complete a detailed plan of how yearly growth will be achieved. A lot of effort goes into defining the long-term strategy, but with a whole year to execute it the details are not always fully developed in the beginning. But now, with Finance’s stamp of approval on a fresh new promotions calendar and a reloaded checkbook, it’s time for Marketing to get geared up to again drive more revenue and increase profitability! But wait, … the new calendars don’t start for at least another 3 months, and we still have a couple of gaps on next month’s schedule, the holidays, and don’t forget New Year’s Eve – and so even with all the zeal of having a new plan and the best intentions to “get ahead” we still somehow manage to fall behind even before we start.

If the annual budget process is the roadmap to success, it is the short stops on the daily journey which cause us to lose sight of the goals – loyalty, revenue, and profitability. It’s these frequent little daily events that steal our time – leaving us feeling pressured, and without enough time to execute our grand ideas to the best of our ability. Most marketing duties can’t be compressed into one or two meetings to cover the entire year but selecting continuity gifts that way can! By jumping in and planning several months at a time – this approach can save time, money and be a lot of fun. With just a little effort, planning and ordering continuity gifts for a group of months at one time will provide many benefits to the property:


Consultation: Partner with a company who listen to understand the needs, strategy, and expectations of your property and builds continuity plans to help achieve your annual targets.


Creative Themes: Develop innovative, relevant, and appealing event themes to attract and increase loyalty of your intended target audience.


Calendar of Events: Compile local and seasonal events, national celebration days and holidays, planned retail events and property celebrations to increase options for gift campaigns and inspire unique gift selections.


Conserve Time: Present and review continuity campaign options for multiple months at one time saving time in scheduling, reviewing, revising, and selecting items.


Cohesive Campaign Designs: Coordinate continuity gifts to compliment retail promotions. Giving away a Trip Around the World? Increase campaign excitement by pairing it with a weekly luggage continuity set.


Choice Gift Selections: View and select from the latest gifts available. Be the first to offer customers the most trend forward gift selections.


Customize: Personalize and celebrate your brand, anniversary, team, or holiday by customizing your continuity gifts with your choice of color, logos, patterns, or designs.


Create New Products: Know your audience will love a continuity set you’ve developed in your mind? Share your concept and have it designed to your specifications.


Continual Tracking: Know the status of your order every step of the way – from production through delivery to your door.


Consolidated Shipping: Save money by ordering and receiving multiple gift selections at one time, or have product shipped to the port closest to property.


Collateral Support: Receive creative media support with high resolution images, professional advertising collateral and design assistance.

With all the benefits above it’s easy to see how a few short introductory conversations could lead to so much added value in your marketing plans. With a little advance planning, collaborative conversation and a great selection of high-quality continuity gifts Gander Group offers casino marketers, at any level of experience, the customized support needed to make your continuity campaigns more successful. Enhance your marketing strategy and consolidate your loyalty campaign efforts and ordering to save both time and money by working with Gander Group for your continuity gifting needs. Remember, it’s never too early to begin planning for 2022 continuity gifting, so call Gander Group today and let us help you get ahead of your 2022 marketing plans today.

Monica Scott
Sr VP of Loyalty Marketing
Gander Group

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