Recipe for Continuity Gift Program Success

While all common at the core – no two casinos are exactly alike. The little nuances created by each casino brand and management team are often the “thing” that makes one player select their favorite spot over another. Daily Operations teams diligently work to create an exciting gaming experience, Food & Beverage teams craft culinary delights to entice players, and the Marketing and Promotions teams pull out all the stops to draw the best customers through the doors.

As with little changes to a floor layout, or a pinch more salt in a recipe, small adjustments to a plan can create even better results than previously achieved. As Continuity Gifting is widely accepted one of the most successful promotional recipes in casino marketing, it too can become even better with small changes to its ingredients.

Here are 7 ingredients proven to increase casino Continuity Gift event response rates:

Plan Ahead

Plan Ahead – advance planning gives the advantage of creating the perfect gifting campaign crafted specifically for your property. Eliminate the need to pick through a selection of other casino’s returns, manufacturer closeouts or unimaginative products.

Desirable Gifts

Desirable Gifts – knowing player demographics, interests, likes – and more importantly dislikes, are strong cues to which gift options will be most attractive to draw your target audience. While creativity is key in designing a strong gift campaign, just picking the latest trendy item will leave you standing alone at your own promotion if it does not speak to the interests of your audience.

Appealing Advertising

Appealing Advertising – getting postcards to stand out in the mailbox with designs of attractive brands and products. Increase customer desire for your gifts, by elevating the perceived value through use of television quality videos in marketing communication plans and creating an aspirational experience with attractive retail quality product banners at events.

Only the Best

Only the Best – setting the standard of giving only the highest quality gifts to your customers is a direct reflection of your appreciation for their loyalty and value. As a reward for months of play, dedication and waiting in line the most humiliating experience would be to present your best customers with a substandard gift as a token of your appreciation.

Expand Availability

Engage your VIP – achieving exclusivity comes with perks! Engage VIP with high perceived value (low cost) benefits within the gifting program – offering pre-event or extended pick up times, exclusive VIP lines, multiple or bonus gifts, advance product samples, or even surveying their preference for the upcoming month’s product selection keep your best players engaged and loyal to your property.

Expand Availability

Expand Availability – adding an alternate day to the promotional schedule, or even just expanding the pick-up times, when done strategically will drive incremental revenue and increase customer satisfaction. While gifting programs are designed to drive a specific result, no one day, nor one time, will ever work for all.

Dangle the Carrot

Dangle the Carrot – allowing players who almost qualified for the complimentary gift to play to qualify for a free gift. Aspiring customers to play up to be included in an event provides them with a glimpse of the benefits of the next level. Experiencing new feelings of additional rewards and appreciation build loyalty, and customers will recognize and thank you for the benefits.

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