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Loyalty Game: Converting Customers to Advocates

Membership, reward, status, tier, benefits, and comps are all methods of recognition designed to increase the loyalty of existing customers. Metrics and measurements everywhere agree it is far more expensive to acquire a new customer than to keep the one you already have. By understanding, and targeting investment in existing customers, a company can cultivate loyalty and generate additional revenue from within their existing database. Smart marketing offers incremental benefits to customers who have already bought into your brand, and when you add a strong reward program on top it can increase their spending, enhance their feeling of worth, and convert them into your advocate – a walking, talking billboard attracting new prospects to your door.

Regardless of brand, most casino marketing campaigns are similar – rewarding many with the lure of a gaming offer (they may or may not take home in their wallet), or a high-profile prize only to be awarded to one person. While both options have a place in keeping customers entertained and engaged, when cultivating loyalty – frequency, exclusivity, player recognition, and a consistent level of high-quality aspirational items and events are key drivers to building a deeper relationship with your best customers. Done well, a continuity gift campaign checks each of these boxes – making your best customers feel valued and enticing others to increase their commitment in order to achieve similar rewards for their loyalty.

Working with Gander Group, we understand your operational needs as well as business goals and work to make both easier to accomplish. We provide exceptional products and dedicated support to assure the success of your continuity campaign.


Experiential: Professional quality commercials, custom-designed mailers, fun-themed, and logoed campaign enhancements, property banners as well as digital creative to display throughout the property, online and in-app – all to increase interest and showcase the exceptional products being given to the qualified players.


Frequency: Each campaign is customizable with multiple gift items in the series designed to entice customers back each week to complete the set. Product selection can be adjusted to target specific days, cover 5-week months, or consistently branded products can be used to create a cohesive campaign over multiple months.


Aspirational: Tangible trend-forward, high perceived value, covetable brand names, customizable products, produced with high-quality material and standards, and presented in commercial quality packages with easy-to-carry handles that make them ready to take home!

Reach out to your Gander Group salesperson and let us design continuity campaigns, promo items, and customized gifting concepts to resonate with your customers, excite their interests, increase their frequency, and cultivate loyalty to convert them from customer to advocate!

Monica Scott
Senior VP of Loyalty Marketing

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