Gifting a Record-Breaking Start to 2023

Q1 is widely recognized as a critical opportunity to lay the foundation on which to base the rest of the year. Committing to a proactive approach, including diligent planning, will strengthen your foundation and help avoid potential pitfalls to success. With 2023 budgeting complete or in process, it’s the perfect time to coordinate a Continuity Calendar that will truly exceed expectations. Based on client feedback, consider these three reasons to make your move today!


Value – With the impact inflation may play in the coming months, the savvy approach is to pay it forward by taking advantage of our favorable conditions today. Earn the ability to provide industry-leading continuity programs, proven to drive customer engagement, with the lowest possible investment.


Availability – Avoid the need to compromise and ensure your preferred programs are readily accessible. With ample time ahead, have confidence as the perfect assortment of continuity programs are not only available today, but will comfortably arrive at your special events with time to spare.


Creativity – Utilize customization to stand out from the competition, ramp up excitement and drive additional customer visits. Leverage the time to truly think outside of the box or put a unique spin on a proven program. Create a buzz with your customer base.

At Gander Group, we truly enjoy collaborating with our clients – Early birds and those fashionably late to the party alike. Whether the goal is to bring your continuity vision to life or present unique options proven to perform. We look forward to supporting you in achieving a record-breaking 2023.

Chris White
President of Sales

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