Professional Kitchenware for the Aspiring Home Chef


With over 5 million viewers per week, Hell’s Kitchen™ has impacted American cooking enthusiasts unlike any other program. Now, for the first time ever, Hell’s Kitchen™ followers, fans and chefs alike can experience using Hell’s Kitchen™ products in their own kitchens.

Hell’s Kitchen™ products appeal to a wide age demographic with its edgy designs in bold black, orange, and red colors. Hell’s Kitchen™ products are unique and different from much of the retail market, so it makes a tremendous gift. Designs appeal to aspiring home chefs who demand quality. Now it has not only become one of our most desired brands in the casino gifting space, but our Hell’s Kitchen products are available at retailers nationwide. And the retail response has been phenomenal! So if it’s brand awareness, high-quality & high-perceived value that you’re looking for in this category, Hell’s Kitchen™ is, by far, second to none.

Hell's Kitchen™ Brand Highlights

Products In Homes

Products In Homes

  • 828,268 (and counting!) Hell’s Kitchen™ products are in homes across the US.
  • 85+ Hell’s Kitchen™ Tested and Approved products currently available in the retail and casino gaming market.
  • Gander Group releases a new Hell’s Kitchen™ catalog (for casino and retail items) each year to showcase the latest and greatest in innovation & design trends.
Product Fundamentals

Product Fundamentals

  • With the focus on quality, functionality and ease of use, the Hell’s Kitchen Collection will be unlike any other brand of cooking essentials, tested and approved by Hell’s Kitchen™ itself.
Product Catagories

Product Categories

  • Cast Iron Cookware
  • Bakeware
  • Kitchen Appliances
  • Cookware Accessories & Gadgets
Design Aesthetics

Design Aesthetics

  • Modern
  • Sleek
  • High Quality
  • Functional
Quality Attributes

Quality Attributes

  • An aspirational brand, Hell’s Kitchen™ celebrates passion and excellence. It represents quality and embodies sophisticated culinary expertise.


  • Hell’s Kitchen™ is the #1 cooking show – by far – in the US.
  • Hell’s Kitchen™ targets men and women aged 35-49 with expendable incomes and a keen interest in entertainment, cooking and drama programs. Of this group, 67% enjoy learning about food.

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