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Home Dinnerware
Tabletop Organizers

Chef’s Counter® is a manufacturer of in-demand kitchen appliances & cookware for the budget-conscious consumer, providing a diverse selection of affordable kitchen essentials for the functionality and design of your home kitchen needs.

Chef's Counter® Brand Highlights

Products In Homes

Products in Homes

    • 1,258,306 (and counting!) Chef’s Counter® products manufactured by Gander Group are in homes across the US.
    • We offer 236 Chef’s Counter® products to the casino gaming market.
    • Gander Group releases a new Chef’s Counter® catalog each year to showcase the latest and greatest in innovation & design trends.
Product Fundamentals

Product Fundamentals

    • Chef’s Counter® produces quality houseware that contributes to the beautification and functionality of your home at the best value possible.
Product Catagories

Product Categories

    • Home Dinnerware
    • Serveware
    • Tabletop Organizers
    • Appliances
Design Aesthetics

Design Aesthetics

    • Chef’s Counter® products are meant to enhance and complement the homes and environments they are used in.
Quality Attributes

Quality Attributes

    • Chef’s Counter® products are priced competitively for true budget conscious value with an eye for great design, without sacrificing functional construction, boasting a comprehensive inventory of desirable products.


      • Chef’s Counter® attracts new homeowners or renters who are putting in place the essentials of a kitchen, 20-35, 50/50 male to female, and the parents/grandparents of that target demographic who gift or provide those elements for them.

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