Josh Blake CEO

A Message from our CEO, Josh Blake

Although it has been a challenging year, the strength of our partnerships with our clients, vendors, and employees has made it a success for Gander Group. We can’t thank our clients enough for choosing us as their partner, for working with us, for leveraging all the resources we provide, and for allowing us to be true teammates in pursuit of their customer loyalty goals.

Extra special thanks to our employees, our “Teamily,” who continue to pour their passion, intelligence, expertise, and hard-working attitudes into their craft. We wake up every morning thinking about how we can provide exceptional products and services so that our clients can achieve successful results. That dedication and passion is not only what makes Gander Group special, but also what brings me personal pride – that I have assembled a team of this caliber. I am grateful that we, as a team, continue to provide incredible value to our clients, and together, we stay focused on finding new ways to make our clients look good.

Gander Group’s mission is, and always will be, to inspire loyalty through generosity and innovation. We’ve been at it for a while, but really – we’re just getting started. You can expect more from us in the New Year – new products, new brands, and new ways to drive loyalty for our clients.

We can’t wait to show you what’s next…

Thank you for joining us on this journey.

Josh Blake

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