8 Clever Ways to Socially Distance Players during a Gift Giveaway

As the country and businesses strategize to balance reopening and adjusting to health precautions, casinos have been equally, if not disproportionately impacted. Casinos are designed to be fun, high energy places with guests interacting and celebrating hitting a jackpot, an exceptional meal, a great show, a chance to win the car and even the appreciation of receiving their latest reward or gift. Casinos are entertainment, but beyond the betting its other amenities that sway a player’s decision to choose one property over another.

As each jurisdiction has implemented health and safety restrictions, limited occupancy makes it crucial to ensure you are filling your property with the best players possible. So, as amenities and promotions are added back, each must be reviewed through our new COVID lens to ensure compliance and personal safety.

Choosing the best marketing campaign is always a delicate (and financial) balancing act. Now more than ever, it is even more challenging to pull off with less casino staff, fewer guests, more restrictions, and the need to draw the best players, BUT not a crowd! VIP events are easy, but how do you safely attract more high value players?

Proven to generate results, continuity gift programs draw the right customer and perform as one of the best marketing options: reinforcing customer loyalty, generating incremental trips, encouraging rated play, attracting and reactivating customers, and exhibiting understanding of your players’ wants and your gratefulness to have them as customers.

Since continuity programs have high response rates and draw quality players, it too must be reviewed to meet new health requirements. In addition to current safety precautions, here are a few ideas to reduce crowding at continuity gift giveaways:

  1. Offer multiple pickup locations
  2. Extend the hours of distribution
  3. Add pickup days, or offer make up days
  4. Split database for staggered pickup days
  5. Begin gift distribution earlier than advertised to eliminate line formation
  6. Separate VIP pickup location
  7. Distribute gift at hotel front desk with check-in on day of promotion
  8. Issue scheduled pick up time at system check in to the promotion

With casino space and occupancy at a premium, it is important to use only the best campaigns, and products to attract the best players. At Gander Group we offer the best quality, customized products from nationally recognized brands to attract the best player, over and over again.Plus, we make the process easy for you through personalized consultation, managing product development, advertising, delivery and every step in between. Casino players come for fun, recognition and reward, so let Gander Group help you give them what they deserve.

Contact today to learn how we can help you during these challenging times.

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