Premium Bakeware and Accessories from America's Favorite Cookie Company

Gourmet Stoneware
Small Kitchen Appliances
Premium Non-Stick Bakeware

Mrs. Fields® is our baking brand for nostalgia. This collection evokes strong positive thoughts and memories of warm cookies baking.

The brand speaks to quality baking products, with strong brand awareness that speaks to a great baking experience.

Mrs. Fields® Brand Highlights

Products In Homes

Products in Homes

    • 183,965 (and counting!) Mrs. Fields® products manufactured by Gander Group are in homes across the US.
    • We offer 16 Mrs. Fields® products to the casino gaming market.
    • Gander Group releases a new Mrs. Fields® catalog each year to showcase the latest and greatest in innovation & design trends.
Product Fundamentals

Product Fundamentals

    • Mrs. Fields® products have an iconic yet stylish look, made with quality materials. The classic red brings a bold touch to any kitchen.
Product Catagories

Product Categories

    • Gourmet Stoneware
    • Small Kitchen Appliances
    • Premium Non-Stick Bakeware
Design Aesthetics

Design Aesthetics

    • Classic
    • Stylish
    • Festive
    • Durable
    • Reliable
Quality Attributes

Quality Attributes

    • Mrs. Fields® is a modern American Classic, a name synonymous with sweetness and success, a brand dedicated to making the Mrs. Fields® experience the best it can be.

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